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I have been a member of the IFA for many years, and have also been involved in a small way with the planning of Financial Advice New Zealand.  I am immensely proud to be a founding member of this new professional association, and serve them as Chairman of the Risk Member’s Advisory Committee.

Financial Advice New Zealand was created by three founding bodies – the PAA, IFA and NZFAA. We represent the interests of the public and our members, and strive to help Kiwis, and New Zealand as a whole.

Financial Advice New Zealand will bring a code of ethics, practice standards, and a quality service mark. They will stand for Advocacy, Standards and the Promotion of Financial Advice.

The most essential element of financial well being is quality financial advice. By helping advisers do what they do best, and helping more Kiwis access quality advice, together we’ll help New Zealand be financially better off.