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Hello there, I offer insurance for residents, non-residents on work visa income, including health, traumatic health events, disability, life, terminal illness and income protection, protect their assets and liabilities.  I love working with individuals, families, and small businesses. As an immigrant with my own family, I enjoy hearing the stories of others who have moved to New Zealand.

From Guangzhou I am passionate about my heritage, history, and philosophy.  Speaking Mandarin, Cantonese and Haka I enjoyed Ancient Chinese Literature and Philosophy at School. This helps me engage with Chinese Immigrants where I am active in the local community.

My business background includes ownership of several businesses and management roles. I have proven record for solving problems, building repeat business with customers, client management, client record keeping and sales process in several industries and the experience of developing sales consultants, training, coaching, mentoring, encouraging and motivating them. I approach my role with business owners seriously, as if I was the investor/business  or owner.

I am a stronger believer in what Dale Carnegie said: “you get anything you want by helping enough other people get what they want.” I do this by learning about you, your goals, ambitions and dreams and work to create an effective plan to help you meet your goals and protect you against the risks you may face in life.


My name: Cindy Phillips
My FSP number: FSP672212
My Contact details: Address: 261 Cambridge Ave, Ashhurst 4810
Phone: 021 487 498
Email: [email protected]

I am a financial adviser and provide advice on behalf of MoneyTree Financial Services Ltd (MoneyTree), who are licensed as a Financial Advice Provider by the Financial Markets Authority.

Both MoneyTree and I are registered on the financial services provider registry which can be viewed at


My Services

Insurance       KiwiSaver


Personal Risk Insurance (life, income, disability & health)

I provide personalised advice that takes into account your individual circumstances to determine the personal risk products that best meet your personal goals and needs.


Business Risk Insurance (key person, shareholder agreement, group scheme)

From key person cover to shareholder protection, I provide considered advice that takes into account your unique business circumstances to determine the risk products that best meet your personal goals and needs.


For personal and business risk my recommendations are limited to the products offered by the following companies:




AIA New Zealand

– Asteron Life

– Booster

– Chubb Life

Fidelity Life

– Generate


Partners Life



General Insurance

I am qualified and MoneyTree has a Licence to provide Fire and General Insurance advice. MoneyTree has agreements with Blanket, Star Insurance and Futurisk General Insurance to provide house, car & contents insurance by referral. Each provider has their own licence, and provides advice to clients in their own right. I may provide additional advice alongside the providers or present to you their advice/recommendations unless the provider presents it themselves.


KiwiSaver and managed investment products

I am able to provide advice for KiwiSaver products and managed investments. This involves discussing what level of financial risk you are comfortable with and recommending a fund type that best matches your attitude toward risk and the length of time until you plan on accessing your funds (from conservative through to aggressive).

Once you confirm what type of fund you wish proceed with, I will show you the relevant funds available to you through the providers I work with – Generate and Booster.


Other services (usually fee-based)

  • If you are self-employed or employed by your own company I can assist with reviewing your ACC cover and the CoverPlus Extra policy.
  • Cashflow management – budgeting and spending planning.
  • Insurance review – dealing with review of terms/loadings or general summary and review of multiple policies


How I get paid

I may charge you a fee or receive commission from the product provider. No fee is charged for an initial meeting, where the nature and scope of the work to be done is established. Where commission is paid I usually rely on that, and disclose it. Some work does not pay commission, and a fee may be required. No chargeable work will begin until scope of work, fees and/or commissions are discussed and agreed.



MoneyTree may be paid a commission by the recommended provider from the premium they charge you for your cover, or based on the value of your KiwiSaver, or based on the amount borrowed as a home loan. Commission is paid as follows:

Life and disability insurance

  • Initial Commission – a percentage of the first year’s premiums, usually ranging from 160% to 230%, depending on which insurance company you take out cover with.
  • Ongoing renewal commission of between 3% and 30% of the annual premium.

Health insurance

  • Initial Commission – a percentage of the first year’s premiums, usually ranging from 30% to 140%, depending on which insurance company you take out cover with.
  • Ongoing renewal commission of between 5% and 25% of the annual premium.


There are a wide range of factors and options that influence the initial and ongoing commission rates. I will confirm the amount of commission MoneyTree will receive when I provide written advice to you.


Fire and General

  • In place of an upfront advice fee, MoneyTree receives a share of the commission paid to Blanket – this may be 20 to 50% of the insurance company commission.
  • Star pay 10% of the company premium (excludes levies and GST)



  • Initial Commission – MoneyTree will be paid no upfront fee/commission by Booster.
  • Trail commission is between 0.25% and 0.50% of funds under management.
  • After 12 months, and if certain conditions are met, Booster may pay a one-off marketing fee of $30.
  • Generate pays a $40 fee when you sign up, and up to an additional $200 depending on the balance transferred and/or contributions
  • Trail paid is 0.2% of funds under management


Fees for Service

Some work does not pay commission, and requires that a fee is charged direct to the client. I offer fixed pricing for some services. In certain circumstances I may agree to reduce or waive commission in exchange for a policy discount. No chargeable work will begin until scope of work, fees and/or commissions are discussed and agreed.

Fees are payable to MoneyTree upon receipt of invoice. View current schedule of fees here


Cancellation fee

If you purchase a product through us and then cancel it within 24 months, the product provider may require me to pay back all or part of the commission I received. I reserve the right to charge you a cancellation fee equivalent to a reasonable value of the work performed in providing our advice and services. An indication of such a cancellation fee amount will be advised at the time my advice is provided to you.


Relevant history / Qualifications

I have been in the industry since 2005. I have completed two National Certificates in Financial Services Level 5 [Investment Advice] and [Insurance Advice]. In 2023 I added the Fire and General standard to my NZCFS [Insurance Advice] qualification.

I keep my qualifications up to date by:

  • Meeting the mandatory number of continuing professional development hours as per the continuing professional development guidelines issued by Financial Advice New Zealand
  • Attending industry conferences
  • Attending various courses, workshops and webinars organised by Accredited Training Organisations
  • Reading widely


Reliability history

  • I have never been adjudicated bankrupt
  • I have never been the subject of a Debt Repayment Order, or entered a No Asset Procedure
  • I have never been prohibited from managing companies, or acting as a Director
  • I have never been the subject of disciplinary proceedings before a professional body
  • I have never had any criminal convictions and have had no adverse findings made against me by a court or tribunal


I Work For You

As a Financial Adviser, it is my duty to abide by the Code of Conduct for Financial Service Providers.

Although I am paid by the providers for the services I provide, it is you that I work for. To ensure I put your interests ahead of my own, I follow a 6-step advice process when providing personalised financial advice which is based on your individual goals and needs.

I further manage possible conflicts of interest by:

  • Choosing product providers based on your needs and not on the commission we may receive
  • Having access to a range of product providers
  • I provide all my recommendations in writing so that you have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have before implementing any of my advice
  • MoneyTree does not receive any volume or sales target based payments from any provider


All feedback is welcome.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of my service, please tell me so that we can manage it through my internal complaint process.

If we are unable to address your concerns, you can contact my disputes resolution scheme, at no cost to you:

Address:                Financial Dispute Resolution Service

Freepost 231075

PO Box 2272

Wellington 6140

Telephone number: 0508 337 337

Email address:       [email protected]

My Partner and I were looking for life insurance after the purchase of our lifestyle block in the Manawatu. We contacted Regan and he has helped us through the whole process with professionalism and integrity. Regan stayed in touch throughout and kept us up to date on the process and explained all the insurance jargon so that we could understand it. We would highly recommend Regan to all those looking for sound financial advice.

Clint Dunstan

Regan is super helpful, professional and grounded, he provides sound practical advice to really cover your personal situation. I would recommend his wealth of knowledge and advice to anyone looking for insurance solutions.

Terene Watson

I was very impressed with Regan's knowledge. He made the right deal for me and my family. Not only was the package right but I have peace of mind.

Rachel Shepherd

Regan has been looking after my business insurances. He is professional, helpful and gives great advice. I would recommend Regan to anyone looking wishing to have a turn key method of insuring their business.

Liam Cann

Regan has been our family financial advisor for a number of years now. We trust Regan to give us the best advice for all financial matters. He is very personable and approachable, ready and willing to help with any query we might have. Regan is always a welcome guest in our home, and I recommend him to all.

Jocelyn Turney-Mitchell

Regan is a pleasure to work with. He is efficient and I appreciate his ability to be thorough and clearly go through all relevant options pertaining to his service without putting on a "hard sell".

Mark Easton