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This week in the news a major insurer has decided to end free windscreen cover. Where most windscreens for ordinary cars cost around $300 to replace, this insurer has decided to impose a $500 excess on windscreen claims.

This move is a shocker.  The last thing we should be doing is making people think twice about repairing their windscreen. It’s essential for not only safe driving, in modern cars they are actually structural.

In another story a house owner in Wellington was shocked to be told her premiums have gone up by $5,000 from $2,200 last year to $7,200.

These moves are a massive wake-up to the market – insurance is not to be taken for granted, treated lightly, or underestimated.  But these moves are also isolated at the moment – not all companies are hiking prices or imposing excesses – it is very important that when your policies renew you get advice, and shop around.

When that annual letter from your insurer arrives in the mail contact us right away.