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I visited a few clients recently who have been with me for a decade or so.  Some, when I first met them, the kids were school age, and now we are giving the kids their first policies as they head off to their first jobs, or uni, or overseas.  Several clients started with me as young fellas a similar age to me, single, renting, working.  Now we’re all married, house owners with kids.  Some have moved onto their second or third houses, and at our age the mortgages seem to be getting bigger, rather than smaller.

And it got me to thinking.  Some businesses are highly transactional, such as realty or car sales.  At MoneyTree we are a relationship business – partly because the insurance we arrange visits your bank account monthly, but more because we actually care about being a helpful and valuable part of our clients’ lives.

One valuable feature hidden in your policy is the ‘special events increase’.  Having a baby, buying a house, getting married and several other things count as a ‘special event’ which means you can increase your life insurance with no medical questions.  For some this is a convenient and efficient way of changing their policy, but for others this is a great way of getting more cover without telling the insurer (who might freak out) about that operation you had recently, or your current height/weight, or the little pills you’re now taking every day!   Some tees and cees apply, so call us and we’ll help you out.

Insurance is not a set-and-forget product – it needs to change as your needs change.  And they will keep changing until you retire.   If we haven’t seen each other for a while, please call, text email, or message us.  We’d love to catch up.