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insurances are not just for those already at the top

When the goal is to climb to the top of a mountain, the protection you take with you is the gear that catches you if you fall. That protection obviously involves ropes and harnesses and other specialist stuff. Few climbers would skimp on investing in good gear.

I meet a lot of folks whose ‘mountain’ is to own a home. Their ‘climb’ is the process of getting the deposit together, sourcing finance and then searching for the ideal house. Naturally I can help with planning to get the deposit sorted, using KiwiSaver and even with getting that mortgage.

Free climbing is dangerous. Sure, going up without that safety gear is quicker, and cheaper. But making the climb without protection is risky – sensible climbers have a safety system that limits how far they will fall, they don’t put of buying their gear until they have made the summit.

Don’t put off buying your protection. Modern insurances are not just for those already at the top – they provide a safety net that limits how far you drop, so that if you slip at any time it doesn’t end in tragedy.

Cover for mortgage or rent payments, living costs, and a safety shield for the funds you have worked hard to build up is vital.

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