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In their Directions magazine the AA reported that 100 people who died in the road toll last year were not wearing seat-belts. Apparently about 50 of them, it is estimated, would have survived if they had. One reason suggested for declining seat-belt use is the mistaken belief that airbags make seat-belts redundant.

Airbags can help a lot, but the seat-belt is a must – as these statistics show. There are many causes of death about which little can be done. With some causes of death, the preventive actions are challenging and difficult, but putting on a seatbelt is relatively easy.

Don’t forget, travelling in a car without a seatbelt on is an unlawful act.

Some life policies (none of our clients!) contain a weasel clause that excludes death while participating in an unlawful act. Real claims in NZ have been declined in these circumstances.  Your car has to have an annual safety check. So does your insurance.  Come and see me if it’s been a while.